Do My Brows

From natural to bold, you’ll learn how to fill-in, define and ace your arches.

Choose your brow product based on your needs: To quickly groom and tint brows, use a brow shaper or brow gel. To add dimension and naturally fill-in brows, use a powder shadow. For the most defined brow or if you want hair-like precision, use a brow pencil with a slanted tip.

Match the color of the brow formula to your brows, making sure it’s the same tone as your hair. Also, take into consideration your skin tone; if you have fair to light skin, you’ll want a shade with cooler tones. If you have darker skin, you’ll need a shade with enough warmth so it doesn’t look ashy.

Tweeze any stray hairs between the brows, making sure the inner corner of the brow lines up with the eye socket. Remove hairs below the natural brow line and arch. Trim any brow hairs that are longer than your brow shape.

Define brows starting at the inner corner or where the brow is most sparse—often from the arch to the tail of the brow. If you can’t see where the gaps are, brush hairs downwards.

Use short, feathery strokes when applying product to mimic the look of hairs. Brush straight up at the head of the brow, then up and over from the arch to the tail of the brow.